Brain Injury Awareness

headMarch has been Brain Injury Awareness month, however, just because the month is coming to a close doesn’t take away from the importance of taking care of your brain – it’s the only one you have.

The brain cannot regenerate itself.  When someone suffers a severe brain injury, the initial impact can be deadly.  However,  according to the Brain Injury Institute, if they survive,  progressive degeneration of the brain can continue during the hours, days, weeks and months that follow.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports these as the most common causes of brain injury:

  •  35 % from falls
  •  20 % from car accidents or truck accidents
  •  19% from impact with a moving object
  •  11% from attacks
  •  Other causes include sports injuries and shaking – “shaken baby syndrome”

Once your brain is injured, your life will never be the same. Your “thinking organ” can affect the way you act, feel, perceive and respond to others, including your family. It is important to understand, that although a personmay “look fine” on the outside, the brain injury may cause changes which affect their behavior. People who have suffered a TBI may display irritability, depression, apathy, anxiety, agitation, frustration; display a confrontational attitude and/or outbursts of anger; feelings of guilt and feelings of helplessness. They may become impatient, fearful or thoughtless, and have difficulty doing their usual routine or tasks. It can be most frustrating to families and friends because a person with TBI may have little to no awareness of just how different he or she is acting.

Several posts were written this month to assist you in learning more about brain injury and the important of using protection when possible, such as bicycle helmets.

Any traumatic brain injury is potentially catastrophic. Take care of your brain everyday.

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